Silvers Circus and Quest: Big Bottoms Under the Big Top

Silvers Circus, since 1976 has been Australia's premier large scale touring circus show. Voted in the top 10 of circuses in the world in 1992, Silvers is growing from strength to strength with the addition of many great local and international artists.


Silvers Circus


The breathtaking visual acts are often dramatically enhanced with stirring soundtracks and lightshows that really make the 21st century circus a sensory experience.

Part of the sensory experience is the ground shaking bottom end that comes from the four strategically placed Quest Q-Motion self powered sub bass boxes.

The tough Q-Motion models are designed for the road which is why they work out so well for a touring environment such as a travelling circus.

The new model Quest QM-600a sub bass boxes have a great reserve of power and are built to the standard you expect from a fully professional speaker system. Their high output and compact size allows for a variety of installation configurations from under stage to under the audience for added effects.

Silver’s Circus will be entertaining big crowds for many years to come and no doubt the ever reliable Quest will be an unseen star performer.


Silvers Circus