More war stories from the 12MP

Fold-back monitors have tended to be at the "unglamorous" end of the pro audio loudspeaker business yet they have the world's smallest and most critical audience; the band. A couple of years ago Quest set out to make the ideal fold-back monitor that would not only be sonically what monitor engineers want, but also have the practical utility features that monitor guys need but never seen to get in the current offering of high end monitors.

The recently released Q-motion QM12MP has been well received by the monitor community and this can bee clearly seen by its rapidly rising popularity. No need for special processors or custom amplifiers plus the exceptionally strong construction and reasonable price, have all contributed to its success.

Here are some spy photos of a recent show with Aussie band Rose Tattoo at a well known rock band venue. Anybody who knows the band will know that it’s straight from the 70’s Bourbon, Biker songs and bloody loud rock’n roll. The band never disappoints and neither did the Quest monitor system.

PA supplied by Drumpower Productions.


War Stories