Q Matrix 88

Matrix Switcher

Q-Matrix 88 is a 3 rack unit multizone paging and source selection system that offers unprecedented flexibility for multizone paging and source routing applications. 8 program inputs are available to each of 8 zone outputs.

With LCD indication for program/local input selection, zone output level, paging enable/disable and network busy, the Q-Matrix 88 provides extensive status indication to the user.

Quest Q Matrix 88 Switcher and Paging Mic

First Impressions

The Q-Matrix 88 is also expandable to 24 zones with the addition of a third Q Matrix 88. Paging stations are available in 8 or 16 zone models allowing paging into any individual zone, any combination of zones or All Call. Remote control panels are also available, allowing source selection and volume control from within each remote zone. These panels each have 2 inputs, both mic and line with the ability to mix locally.


A Closer Look

Both paging stations and remote control panels connect via inexpensive and industry standard CAT5 cable network. An overall priority input is also provided for emergency or evacuation signals.



Deviation Conditions Parameters Deviation
AC Power Supply Voltage selector between 115V & 230V AC 115V/AC 230V; 50Hz/60Hz 10%
DC Power Supply +24V ±4V
Line Input Sensitivity Clockwise rotation gain to increase 195mV-2.0V
Line Input Impedance 47Ohm
Local Input Sensitivity Balanced input 500mV
Local Gain ±8dB
MIC1 Sensitivity Clockwise rotation gain to increase
MIC1 Impedance 600Ohm
MIC Level Control Input 100Hz sine wave signal ±8dB
Paging Console Sensitivity Input 1KHz sine wave signal & output 0.775V 500mV
Paging Console Gain Control ±8dB
Zone Output Balanced output 0.775V
Zone Gain Control ±8dB
Zone Output Level Control Input 100Hz sine wave signal ±10dB
S/N Ratio Non-weighting <60dB
Isolation Degree >40dB
Channel Crosstalk >50dB
Gain Deviation 20Hz-20KHz <2dB
T.H.D 20Hz-20KHz <0.07%
Channel Phase Position 20Hz-20KHz Same phase
Frequency Response Line1-8 inputs and remote source input 20Hz-20KHz +1/-3dB
Frequency Response MIC1 input, 80Hz-18KHz +1/-3dB

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